1) Why do you limit membership to 500 people only?

Let me explain this. I used to keep enrollment open to the General Public. But what began happening was someone would sign up for a short time & then rip off my best stuff, then try to compete against my Loyal Members who’ve been with me since the start.

That really pissed me off. (It pissed them off too!) Screw that. If you know anything about me, you know that if you’re loyal to me then “I always got your back.” That is why I instituted a strict 500 member capacity cap. We now have a waiting list of doctors who want in. The way we work this is that if a member drops out, we send out an email and allow the next person in line to get his spot.

2) Are there any other ways to secure a spot?

Sorry, not at this time. The only other thing that I do occasionally is sometimes I will anonymously reopen registration when the mood strikes. These times are few and far between, so don’t rely on it.

3) What if I am referred by an existing PBC member?

This is the only exception to my rule. Sometimes (not every time) we will allow a referral from an existing member to join the PBC. Don’t count on this but in truth we do this frequently for good clients.

4) Do you have any testimonials from doctors?

Yes. We have over 250+ doctors who have reviewed us and written about me. You can access The Wall of Proof here to see what your peers have said:

4) What should I do while I’m waiting for a spot to open up?

Join my “house list” which puts you on the email list and gets you a free training lesson that explains how to average 30 new patients monthly using our “Patient Flood Method.” You can join the email list here: (*strongly recommended)

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To your massive success.


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